Radioisotope Research Center
in Nagoya Univ.

Furo-cho Chikusa-ku Nagoya, Aichi 464-8602, Japan
Administration Office 052(789)2563
Radiation Safety Office 052(789)2565
(Fax) 052(789)2567

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Objectives of the Center

The Radioisotope Research Center promotes research and education of radiation such as radioisotopes and X-rays. The Center manages radioactive materials and X-ray equipment, provides training in safe handling of radiation, and conducts researches on basic science using radiation, its application and safe handling of radiation.


1. Radiation Safety Control

Control radioactive materials and facility environment, and protect radiation workers according to the laws and the ordinances concerning radioisotopes and X-rays.


2. Education and Training

Plan and implement the lectures and the trainings in safe handling of radiation, which are required by the laws and the ordinances concerning radioisotopes and X-rays.


3. Support for Common Use of the Facility

Provide laboratory space for research work using radioactive materials. Prepare various radiation detectors and instruments for researchers in Nagoya University.


4. Research

Conduct researches concerning utilization of radioactive materials, measurement of radiation and treatment of radioactive wastes in cooperate with researchers in and outside of Nagoya University.